About Us

MγN Ware is not a new way, but rather a new style of shopping. It is not for everyone.

We believe that men should be gentlemanly at all times. There is no room for pettiness, alpha male egos or closed-mindedness. Men who open doors for their partner, step up when they need to, and dress accordingly. If that's you, this is your store.

We believe that women should be strong, capable, and driven to make a difference at home and at work, while celebrating their beauty. There is no room for jealousy, superficial entitlement, or self-absorbance. Women who project confidence, class, and equality in their every step, including their clothes. If that's you, this is your store.

We also stand with PRIDE because we believe that tolerance towards others and an abundance of wisdom that the LGBTQ+ community and its members have shown time after time, should be the new standard in our world.

With MγN Ware, you can express such values through what you wear in your everyday life.

This will be your beginning in ruling the world with humility, fairness, generosity and class.